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Oral Conscious Sedation in Costa Mesa, CA

Have you ever thought of a trip to the dentist as a relaxing or peaceful experience? What about a tooth extraction or complex restorative dentistry procedure as painless? At Advanced Dental Care, we want patients to think of our office as a relaxing, pain free environment. Oral conscious sedation is one option for patients who experience dental anxiety and those who have difficulty managing pain with local anesthesia alone. This gentle, effective sedative is taken before patients ever leave home. That means patients with dental phobia don’t experience the pre-visit panic that often leads to cancelled appointments. At Advanced Dental Care, our goal is always to offer patients the highest level of care, and that means ensuring every patient is comfortable with every procedure, every time. For many patients, sedation dentistry is great way to improve any dental visit.

The Oral Conscious Sedation Process

Oral conscious sedation is one of the easiest, most effective forms of sedation. Unlike intravenous (IV) sedation that requires a needle or general anesthesia that causes patients to completely lose consciousness, oral conscious sedation offers patients relaxation without the addition of other fear factors. Dr. Jorgensen simply prescribes a common sedative medication to patients who then take the appropriate dosage at a predetermined time before their procedure. Because sedatives slow neuromuscular response, patients should not drive, operate heavy machinery, or plan to return to work or school for at least twelve hours. A trusted friend or relative should be asked to transport patients to and from their appointment, and care for them until the effects of the sedative abate.

Once patients arrive at Advanced Dental Care, they are ready to begin their procedure. Though patients are extremely relaxed and report being in a dream-like state, they remain conscious throughout treatment. Best of all, many patients report not remembering any of their treatment, and because they remained relaxed throughout treatment, they do not experience as much soreness as they heal.

Who Benefits from Oral Conscious Sedation?

Most dental practices advertise sedation dentistry as a cure for dental anxiety. While this is an important use for dental sedatives, it is not the only reason patients turn to sedation dentistry. Some of the other reasons patients choose dental sedation include:

Find Out More about Costa Mesa Sedation Dentistry

If you’re interested in relaxing dental care with sedation dentistry, contact Dr. Jorgensen and his Costa Mesa dental team at Advanced Dental Care. We’re happy to discuss oral conscious sedation, answer questions, or schedule a consultation for patients from surrounding areas including Newport Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine and beyond.