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Sedation Dentistry – Costa Mesa, CA

Finally Feel Comfortable at the Dentist’s Office

Does the thought of going to the dentist make you feel anxious? If so, you’re not alone. Every year, many patients avoid care because of anxiety. Thankfully, there is a way to overcome fretful feelings and receive the important care you need. At Advanced Dental Care, Dr. Jorgenson offers effective sedation options to help patients have a completely different kind of experience.

Why Choose Advanced Dental Care for Sedation Dentistry?

Oral Conscious Sedation

oral sedation pill

Oral conscious sedation uses a safe and commonly prescribed medication to create feelings of relaxation. On the day of your appointment, you’ll take your medication as directed and wait for it to take effect. By the time you arrive at our office with a friend or family member behind the wheel, you’ll be relaxed enough for us to begin your procedure. The effects of oral conscious sedation take time to wear off, so you’ll also need to have someone with you afterwards.

Learn More About Oral Conscious Sedation

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

woman with nitrous mask on

If you or your child just need a little help to get through your appointments, nitrous oxide sedation is a safe method that dentists have used for over 100 years. A patient simply inhales the gas through a small nasal mask, and within minutes, a complete sense of calm comes over them. The mask stays on the entire time, and once it is removed, the patient should feel completely normal within a matter of minutes. To find out whether or not this option is right for you, continue reading or call our Costa Mesa office to reserve an appointment with Dr. Jorgenson.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Nitrous Oxide?

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Nitrous oxide is the most commonly used form of dental sedation because nearly any patient can qualify for it. It’s considered a safe and effective choice for children, teens, adults, and older adults alike. We’ll generally recommend nitrous oxide sedation for patients who:

  • Have sensitive teeth, gums, or gag reflex
  • Feel nervous or anxious during their appointments
  • Don’t respond well to numbing medication
  • Experience neck, shoulder, back or other pain while in the dental chair.

If you’re breastfeeding, have certain medical conditions, or are currently suffering from nasal congestion, you may not be a good candidate for this method of sedation. During your consultation, we’ll review your medical history and check for potential complications to ensure nitrous oxide is the right option for you.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Work?

woman getting nitrous oxide Costa Mesa

Administered through a small nose mask, nitrous oxide is a colorless and odorless gas you inhale. It’s designed to help slow your brain’s activity and make you feel like you’re being put into a dreamlike state. Some patients may feel so relaxed and at ease that they giggle from time to time, which is why nitrous oxide is often referred to as laughing gas.

Throughout your treatment, you’ll remain conscious enough to respond to simple questions and follow easy instructions. However, you may drift off into a light sleep and not remember much of your appointment afterward. We’ll monitor your vitals (i.e., breathing and heart rate) the entire time you’re sedated to ensure you’re at a comfortable level.

Aftercare for Nitrous Oxide

patient smiling after dental treatment in Costa Mesa

In many cases, the effects of nitrous oxide will fade away as quickly as they set in. Because of that, many patients can expect to return to their usual day-to-day routine immediately following their appointment. Of course, some people experience short-term effects like dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. The good news is that these typically go away once you regain alertness. Be sure to follow any treatment-specific instructions provided by your dentist.

IV Sedation

We also offer IV sedation, a deeper form of relaxation and comfort for more extensive procedures. Patients who are extremely anxious or afraid of the dentist may also elect for this service because it makes them less aware of what’s going on. While you can fall asleep during this time, you can still be woken up, making it an incredibly useful service for our office to offer. It works quickly, and best of all, anxious patients won’t remember what exactly occurs during their appointments. If you want to learn more about this service, contact our office today!

Learn More About IV Sedation


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