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Oral Cancer Screening in Costa Mesa, CA

When Dr. Jorgenson says that he is dedicated to helping patients enjoy the best general health possible in addition to outstanding oral health, he backs those words with actions. At each of your biannual dental checkups, we closely examine your entire oral cavity for the signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. Unfortunately, the death rate associated with this cancer is rather high. However, that’s not because it is hard to diagnose or treat, but because oral cancer is too often discovered at a later stage. By conducting an oral cancer screening at each dental checkup, we are able to spot any suspicious signs early and prevent the advance of this potentially fatal disease.

According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, nearly 45,750 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year; more than 8,650 Americans will die as a result of this disease. The five year survival rate for those diagnosed is only slightly more than 50 percent. Researchers and medical professionals agree that those ominous numbers could be drastically improved with early diagnosis.

Oral Cancer Screening Process

At Advanced Dental Care, oral cancer screening involves a close examination of a patient’s extra-oral and intra-oral tissue. We visually examine for any irregular areas that may appear different in color, and we also palpate the jaw, neck and cheeks to feel for areas that may have abnormal texture or consistency. We lift the tongue and examine under the sides of the tongue, because this is one of the most common areas for cancerous tissue to be found. The inside of your cheeks, your gums, palate and throat are also examined for abnormal tissue. 

Signs and Symptoms

Family dentist, Dr. Jorgenson, also believes in educating patients about the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer. In between your regular visits to our office, be on the lookout for:

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