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Should I whiten my teeth before getting dental veneers?

January 17, 2021

Veneers compared to imperfect teeth.
Choosing your dental veneers shade

Are you thinking about cosmetic dentistry? Dental veneers are an amazing option to totally redo your smile quickly and beautifully. Best of all – you control the outcome. With dental veneers, patients get to choose their perfect size, shape, and shade of the smile they want.

When choosing the shade of your smile, you will have to consider several aspects. Some people want a natural looking smile close to their natural color while others want a bright, white Hollywood smile. But what if you aren’t getting full-mouth veneers? How will you make your new teeth match your existing teeth? How much time and money do you want to invest? Should you whiten your teeth before dental veneers?

Here are three options for partial Dental Veneers and choosing the shade:

  • Match Your Veneers to Your Natural Tooth Color
    • Pros:
      • Teeth color will match without having to constantly whiten
      • Costs less over time since you will have no to minimal upkeep
      • Maintain the natural look of your original smile while changing the size and shape of teeth
      • Only have to place veneers on teeth you want to change the size and shape, maintaining more of your natural tooth structure
    • Cons:
      • You cannot change the color or shade of your teeth
      • If you ever do decide to whiten your teeth in the future, the veneers will remain the darker shade
  • Whiten Your Teeth To Match Your New Veneers
    • Pros:
      • Achieve a brighter, whiter smile
      • Do not have to invest in full-mouth dental veneers
      • Only have to place veneers on teeth you want to change the size and shape, maintaining more of your natural tooth structure
    • Cons:
      • More upkeep as you will have to whiten teeth to maintain consistency of shade between natural teeth and veneers
      • Costs more over time to maintain even color
  • Get Full Mouth Veneers
    • Pros:
      • Achieve a beautiful, white smile with perfect size and shape teeth
      • No to minimal upkeep
      • Don’t have to worry about the color ever changing
    • Cons:
      • Significant investment
      • Requires more of your natural tooth to be removed on more teeth

Dr. Jeremy Jorgenson will discuss the pros and cons of each option to help you decide what is best for you and if you should whiten your teeth before getting dental veneers. Check out our Before and After Smile Gallery!

Examples of shapes of dental veneers

To schedule your complimentary dental veneers consultation, call us today at (714) 424-9099 or submit an appointment request and will call/text/email you.

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12 Days of Dental Deals

December 13, 2020

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Are you looking for unique, thoughtful Christmas gifts and just totally out of ideas? We’ll we’ve got some great dental deals for you! What is better than the gift of health and beauty for your loved ones?! If you’ve googled every variation of “gifts for husband”, “gifts for the person who has everything”, or “unique gift ideas” and come up with nothing, keep reading below!

We’re offering 12 Days of Dental Deals. Each day from now until Christmas, we will announce a new dental deal that you can take advantage of until Christmas day. There is no better way to say I love you, I care about you, and I put a lot of thought into finding you the perfect Christmas gift than one of our 12 Dental Deals!

12 Days of Dental Deals

Just send us an email with deal you would like and we will send you a gift certificate that you can print or email to your family, friends, and co-workers.

Check back each day to see the next deal revealed!

  • Day 1: $5 Fluoride with Dental Cleaning
  • Day 2: $5 Zoom! Whitening Pens
  • Day 3: Free Retainers with Invisalign
  • Day 4: $250 Off Ceramic Crown (no insurance)
  • Day 5: $50 Off Icon Treatment
  • Day 6: $100 Off each Veneer (minimum 4)
  • Day 7: $50 Off Gum Recontouring (min 2 teeth)
  • Day 8: Free Zoom! Teeth Whitening with Invisalign
  • Day 9: 50% Off Laser Gum Therapy
  • Day 10: $25 Off TMJ Therapy
  • Day 11: $100 Off Root Canal (no insurance)
  • Day 12: 50% Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Looking for something even bigger? Check our our Be Smile Smart Plans or purchase a gift certificate here!

Advanced Dental Care was voted “Best General Dentist” in Orange County in 2020. Dr. Jeremy Jorgenson and his superior team provide full-service dental care in Costa Mesa, CA.

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December 1, 2020

At Advanced Dental Care, it is our personal mission to provide quality, compassionate dental care and provide support to our community in any way possible. That’s why #givingtuesday is an extra special day for us.

Throughout the year we participate in several programs to provide free dentistry, dental care kits, volunteer time, goods, and money to organizations we really love. Our goal is to make as many people smile as possible.

There is truly nothing more rewarding than helping others. This #givingtuesday we encourage you to experience this same reward by giving anything you can to an organization you support, a friend in need, or even someone passing by. Remember, there is no amount of giving that is too small.

Here are some of our favorite organizations in Orange County that you can check out today:

Advanced Dental Care is a full-service dental office in Costa Mesa, CA located at 3033 Bristol St. Ste. AA, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Please call (714) 424-9099 or email us at

Thanksgiving 2020

November 26, 2020

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Wow! What a year it has been to say the least. No one could’ve ever guessed what 2020 would bring us. It is surreal. I can’t believe it happened. And even though it was quite awful, it truly did teach us about what matters most in life.

Reflecting back on what has happened in the past year, it’s just something you couldn’t have imagined. We were coming off a fantastic 2019, celebrating our 5th year in business, the birth of my son, finding out Dr. Safi was going to be having a baby. Our team was a solid bunch of team members, spouses, kids, and we were just enjoying everything we had built together.

We started 2020 carrying over the celebrations by taking a team trip to Temecula in February to celebrate Jayme’s, Kim’s, and my birthday. Little did we know it was the last time we would get to freely celebrate without a care in the world this year. We had a blast. It’s crazy to think that just a few weeks after, we found ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic.

We didn’t know what this virus was or what it could do. Everything came to a sudden halt, as we scrambled to find out everything we could about the virus. I was so proud of our team and how each person stepped up to help us research, prepare new safety protocols, and secure the proper equipment. Undoubtedly everyone was scared and anxious, but there was not one complaint or act of hesitation when everyone could have easily fallen apart. Our team came together, formulated a plan, and forged ahead to take care of our patients when they needed us the most.

We weren’t sure what was going to happen, but we knew we could rely on each other to show up everyday and perform. If any one of us was struggling or scared, the rest of were right there to support each other.

The summer continued to be a rollercoaster of steps forward and back with the pandemic, social injustice, civil unrest, a recession, and a contentious election. We couldn’t see family outside of our homes, our friends, or even spend time together outside of work. But, our friendship and reliance on each other helped us get through. We became our own little family unit.

We made it through summer as normal as possible. No one got sick. My son celebrated his first birthday. We added two more babies to our family, celebrated two wedding anniversaries, and even ended up winning the “Best General Dentist” in Orange County award.

Now here we are on Thanksgiving day. As I sit here and think about everything we have been through, I can’t help but be filled with joy and pride. Not an ounce of sadness, anxiety, or regrets. We have made everyday the best we could and kept each other safe. I am so grateful we had that one last trip together in February and look forward to the new memories we will make together once this is over.

This Thanksgiving is more important than any one in the past and I hope my team knows how incredibly thankful we are for each and every one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing everyone health, happiness, and smiles.

-Dr. Jorgenson and Family

Composite or Porcelain – What Kind of Veneer is Best?

November 24, 2020

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Woman getting porcelain veneers

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile, you have probably heard about veneers. But one thing that many people don’t know that there are different types of veneers out there. Composite resin and porcelain are the most commonly used materials to make veneers, and both of them can transform your smile to perfection. But which option is best for you? Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of each one so you can decide for yourself.


Black Friday Sale

November 20, 2020

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Our annual Black Friday Sale is here!

Everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile, so what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to start treatment and when you do you will receive this amazing offer!

With purchase and acceptance of Invisalign treatment, you will receive:

  • Free Zoom! WhiteSpeed Professional Teeth Whitening
  • FREE Permanent Retainers


Sale starts Friday, November 27th, 2020 at 9:00am and ends Friday, December 4th at 5:00pm.

It will be open to the first 20 patients who contact us and purchase the Black Friday deal. Invisalign treatment must be paid for in full by December 4th and ClinCheck accepted by 23rd in order to receive Free Zoom! Teeth Whitening ($499 value) and Free Permanent Retainers ($600 value).

Free Zoom! Teeth Whitening can be redeemed any time during Invisalign treatment, but we recommend waiting until treatment is completed to receive the best results.

Free Permanent Retainers will be ordered for you at the end of treatment.

To take advantage of this fantastic Black Friday offer, please call (714) 424-9099 or email us at to schedule your complimentary consultation to get started today!

Click here to learn more about Invisalign treatment.

Click here to learn more about Zoom! Whitespeed Teeth Whitening.

Check out our Yelp page for Invisalign Before and After photos.

Ortho - Invisalign Black Friday  - Invisalign Costa Mesa

Invisalign Smile Makeover

November 17, 2020

Read this article to learn more about this amazing Invisalign makeover!

By Dr. Jeremy B. Jorgenson

invisalign in costa mesa - invisalign doctor - ortho - orthodontics - clear braces - invisalign reviews - before and after - best dentist near me - best dentist orange county - ppo dentist - dental that takes my insurance

We love Invisalign for more reasons that we can count. It may be because almost all of us here at Advanced Dental Care have undergone the treatment and been amazed by the results or because we have witnessed first hand how many smiles have been transformed by this clear and easy-to-use technology.

This patient chose Dr. Jeremy Jorgenson for her Invisalign makeover, because he is a Gold Plus Invisalign provider with hundreds of hours of training and casework. At the initial consult, the patient discussed her concerns about the look of her smile with Dr. Jorgenson. Not only were there aesthetic concerns, but Dr. Jorgenson also determined she was experiencing both severe crowding and slight overbite which also affect the health of the smile. Our staff performed an iTero digital scan and let the patient know we could correct it all in a little over a year. The patient was ecstatic and wanted to move forward right away.


Before getting stated with the Invisalign treatment, Dr. Jorgenson needed to ensure there would be enough space for the teeth once they were properly aligned. He removed one tooth on each side of the upper arch. Once that tooth removal procedure was completed, the patient was ready to start her trays.

At her first treatment visit, Dr. Jorgenson placed attachments on the teeth to assist with moving the teeth correctly, made sure the initial trays fit properly, and gave instructions on wear. Invisalign trays need to be worn for approximately 22 hours a day and only removed for eating and brushing/flossing to ensure the best results in a timely manner.

The patient started with 2-week wear, switching to the next set of trays in her prescription every 2 weeks. With great on-track results at each subsequent visit, Dr. Jorgenson switched her to 1-week wear. She also chose to use Propel to speed up the process.

In about 15 months, she was finished with treatment and now has an absolutely gorgeous, straight smile she can be proud of! We are so thankful to have been a part of her Invisalign journey.


Schedule your FREE Invisalign consultation and iTero digital scan today! Call or text us at (714) 424-9099 or click on the “Book Appointment Now” on the top right corner of this page.

Want to know more? Check out these great videos

Advanced Dental Care is located a 3033 Bristol St. Ste. AA, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members today!

Operation Gratitude 2020

October 21, 2020

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Donate your extra Halloween candy and help our soldiers smile!

We are hosting our annual Candy Donation Drive for Operation Gratitude this October 28 – November 6.

We collect your leftover Halloween candy and unopened personal items to package and send to our tedious overseas.

How to Choose Between Dental Bonding and Porcelain Veneers

October 20, 2020

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Woman getting porcelain veneers

Both dental bonding and porcelain veneers are great ways to enhance the beauty of your smile. Whether you have gaps, cracks, chips, or some stubborn discoloration, they are both effective at making corrections. However, before you can decide which one to choose, you need to understand the difference between veneers and bonding in Costa Mesa. There are also several factors to consider in order to choose the best one for you. Continue reading to learn what those are.


Best General Dentist 2020

September 6, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeremy Jorgenson @ 9:21 pm

Update 11/15/2020: WE WON!!

THANK YOU ORANGE COUNTY – for naming us Best General Dentist in Orange County in the LA Times Best of OC 2020 poll!

We could not be more honored and blessed to have won this poll. Being selected by readers gives the honor so much more meaning, because it comes from real people.

When we started this practice in 2014, we were relatively new to the community, but instantly welcomed with open arms. Getting to know the patients on a more meaningful level has helped us shape our practice and ensure we can deliver exactly what YOU want and need.

It is extremely important to us that patients love coming to see us, trust our professional opinion, and have the most pleasant experience possible every time we interact. We are constantly listening, learning, and growing. We want to be the best for you in every way possible.

Thank you again for your continued loyalty and support! We promise to continue to work our hardest every day for you.

Please enjoy FREE WHITENING TRAYS with exam, x-rays, and cleaning! Ends 5/31/2021

Attention all patients! Last year you helped the Advanced Dental Care team win the Orange County Register’s Reader’s Choice “Best Dentist in OC” and we were so honored and grateful. Since then we have only worked harder to earn your trust and satisfaction.

This year Advanced Dental Care was nominated for “Best General Dentist” in the LA Times Best of Orange County 2020 poll.

We need your help once again to remain the top dental office in OC. You can help us by voting for Advanced Dental Care each day from now to September 30th.

Let’s get a win for Dr. Jeremy Jorgenson and the Advanced Dental Care staff. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!

Advanced Dental Care is a full-service dental office owned and operated by Dr. Jeremy Jorgenson. Conveniently located at 3033 Bristol St. Ste. AA, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

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