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Free Oral Cancer Screening Event

April 16, 2024

  • April 23rd, 2024
  • 9:00am – 5:00p
  • 10-15 min appointment
  • Advanced Dental Care in Costa Mesa

We’re hosting this event to raise awareness about oral cancer and help you take proactive steps towards your oral health.

Facts About Oral Cancer

  1. Oral cancer refers to cancer in the mouth or throat.
  2. Tobacco use, alcohol consumption, poor diet, and HPV increase the risk.
  3. It is more common in older adults, especially men.
  4. Symptoms include mouth sores, patches, difficulty speaking or swallowing, and lumps.
  5. Early detection is crucial for successful treatment.
  6. Treatment involves surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.
  7. Prognosis depends on stage and overall health.
  8. To reduce risk, avoid tobacco, limit alcohol, eat a healthy diet, and practice good oral hygiene.

Event Details

Join us at Advanced Dental Care on Tuesday, April 23rd from 9am to 5pm for a free oral cancer screening event.

Our experienced dental professionals will be conducting thorough screenings to detect any signs or symptoms of oral cancer.

You will need to reserve your screening time in advance. You can call or text us for an appointment at (714) 424-9099. We will send your intake forms for you to complete prior to your appointment. On your appointment day, simply arrive, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive dental exam, dental cleaning, or another service, please let our staff know when scheduling.

Don’t miss this opportunity to prioritize your oral health and receive a complimentary screening in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Call or text us at (714)424-9099 or visit us online at to reserve your spot now! Space is limited!

5 Common Myths About Dentures

March 7, 2024

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older person with dentures smiling

If you’ve lost several or all of your teeth and are looking to fill in your smile, dentures offer a reliable, time-tested solution for replacement. These traditional appliances have been around for centuries in one way or another and restore your ability to bite, smile, and eat with confidence. However, despite their effectiveness, there are misconceptions about dentures. Let’s debunk five common myths surrounding them.


Start 2024 The Right Way by Visiting Your Dentist

January 2, 2024

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a patient smiling while visiting their dentist

2024 is finally here! You’re probably feeling excited about all of the things that the upcoming year has to offer: new friends, new resolutions and goals, and of course, optimal oral health! And the lattermost starts with scheduling your next dental checkup with your trustworthy dentist. But did you know that you should do this early on in the year, rather than later? Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t wait to attend your first checkup and cleaning this year.


Shopping for Dental Insurance? Here’s What You Should Know

November 30, 2023

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Dental insurance document next to dental instruments

Are you in the process of shopping for dental insurance? Every plan has its own unique set of details, so you should carefully compare your options before you make any decisions. What are some important points that you should keep in mind while you are considering various policies? Read this blog post to discover information that may help you make a wise decision.


Giving Tuesday 2023

November 28, 2023

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At Advanced Dental Care, one of the pillars of our practice philosophy is Community. Establishing our own community of patients that can rely on us for anything, as well as, actively participating and supporting the community we live in. That’s why Advanced Dental Care partners with great local organizations to give back and enhance our community.

This #GivingTuesday we’re asking for your support! Donate any amount to any of our Community Partners and we will not only MATCH YOUR DONATION up to $250, but you can also enjoy 50% Off Any Teeth Whitening Service** before 5/31/2024.

How to Donate

Donate Now to one of our Community Partners

Let’s Be Kind is a local nonprofit started by Rebekah R. when she was a student at Costa Mesa Middle School. Over 5 years later, Let’s Be Kind has impacted thousands of students right here in Orange County and all over the United States, promoting kindness, inclusion, and hope.


Project Self-Sufficiency is a local organization that helps low-income single parents in Orange County to graduate from college or vocational training so that they can improve the lives of their families, achieve financial independence, and inspire their children to excel beyond their current situation.


Orange County Rescue Mission is a faith-based, life-transformation program that provides on-campus housing, basic needs, and comprehensive services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. This organization performs amazing work and gives a second chance to those who desperately need it most.


How to Receive 50% Off Teeth Whitening**

In addition to matching your donation, we’d also like to thank you for your generosity by giving you 50% Off Any Teeth Whitening Service!

Just email us a copy of your donation receipt to or by text at (714) 424-9099.

Before redeeming the offer, you must have had a dental exam, x-rays, and the appropriate hygiene treatment (e.g., Prophylaxis cleaning) in the last 6 months before the date of the Teeth Whitening procedure.

Teeth Whitening procedure must be completed by 5/31/2023 or the offer becomes void.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about how to help or how to redeem this amazing offer, just give us a call at (714) 424-9099 or visit us online at

Advanced Dental Care is a full service dental office in Costa Mesa, CA owned by Dr. Jeremy Jorgenson.

How to Find the Best Implant Dentist for You

September 11, 2023

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Happy dental patient smiling in treatment chair

Are you eager to replace your missing teeth with dental implants? They are the best way to rebuild lost dentition and reclaim a strong, healthy, and confident smile! However, they can only live up to their potential if your treatment is performed by a qualified professional. How can you find the best implant dentist for you? Read this blog post to discover helpful tips.


I’m So Embarrassed About My Smile (Dentures)

August 26, 2023

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About a month ago, we traveled back to Minnesota to visit family. We couldn’t wait to introduce my new daughter to the extended relatives. My mom hosted a delicious mid-west steak and potato feast with some of the family. Everything was just how I remembered it. But then I noticed my Aunt sobbing at the kitchen island. I went to see if she was okay and she could hardly even look at me in the face. She said, “I’m just so embarrassed. Did you know that I have dentures now? I have been so anxious about coming to dinner tonight, especially knowing your mom would be serving steak.”

I felt absolutely awful. It must have been devastating for my Aunt to hear that she would be losing all of her top teeth. On top of that, she had to face her family and navigate eating steak with dentures for the first time. As a dentist, I often encounter patients who have experienced significant dental challenges, but when the patient is one of my own family, the hurt is very real. Fortunately, she was able to finally tell me about her dentures that night and also allow me to help answer the questions and concerns she was too embarrassed to ask her own dentist.

In this blog post, we will delve into the challenges faced by individuals in need of dentures, the emotions associated with denture embarrassment, and the empowering path towards regaining confidence through dental solutions.

Understanding Dentures Embarrassment

Denture embarrassment is a common emotional hurdle experienced by individuals who require dentures. It arises from a range of factors, including:

  1. Self-consciousness: The loss of natural teeth can lead to self-consciousness and a fear of being judged by others.
  2. Social stigma: Society often associates dentures with aging, leading some individuals to feel ashamed or inferior.
  3. Functional concerns: Difficulty speaking or eating properly due to missing teeth can further contribute to feelings of embarrassment.
  4. Fear of change: Adapting to a new dental prosthesis can be daunting, causing anxiety and embarrassment.

The Advanced Dental Care Perspective

As compassionate dentists, we recognize the need for sensitivity. It’s important that patients as comfortable and empowered as possible. At Advanced Dental Care, we do this by:

  1. Establishing trust: Our dentists listen attentively to your concerns, creating an environment of trust and understanding.
  2. Providing education: We explain the reasons for denture necessity, reassuring patients that it is a common dental solution.
  3. Offering customized treatment: We present various denture options, tailoring the treatment plan to your specific needs and desires.
  4. Addressing oral health: We emphasize the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene, ensuring your oral health will continue to improve.

Empowering You through Dental Solutions

With the guidance of our caring dentists, you will embark on your denture journey, gradually overcoming your embarrassment and discovering newfound confidence.

  1. Denture fitting: Our dentists ensure a precise fit, maximizing comfort and functionality while maintaining a natural appearance.
  2. Adjusting to dentures: You will receive guidance on adapting to your new dentures, including tips on speaking, eating, and cleaning.
  3. Ongoing support: Our team schedules regular follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, providing additional support and answering any questions or concerns.
  4. Smile restoration: As you regain confidence in your smile, our team explores additional cosmetic dental options, such as teeth whitening or veneers for remaining teeth, to enhance your overall appearance.
Do you know what could happen if you don’t get dental implants in Costa Mesa in place of a lost tooth?

Embarrassment surrounding dentures is a common and understandable emotion. However, with the support of a compassionate dentist, you can overcome these feelings and regain both your oral health and self-confidence. By understanding the challenges faced by those in need of dentures and providing personalized care and guidance, our team can empower you on your journey towards a beautiful and confident smile. Remember, dentures are not a symbol of embarrassment, but rather a testament to the resilience and strength of those who have overcome dental challenges.

We’re Here to Help

If you have missing teeth or need to replace teeth and considering dentures, please let us help you navigate the denture process. No shame. No judgement. No embarrassment. Just kind, compassionate care by people who understand and who you can trust.

For more information, please call or text us at (714) 424-9099 or send us an email at We would be happy to answer any questions and check insurance coverage for the procedure at no charge.

We look forward to helping you achieve dental health and happiness soon!

Is There a Maximum Age for Dental Implants?

August 22, 2023

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Senior woman smiling at dentist’s office

While traditional bridges and dentures are a time-tested solution for tooth loss, nowadays many people use dental implants to enjoy complete smiles again. As such, if you’re struggling with missing teeth, you may be interested in getting implants to replace them from the roots up. However, after a certain point in life, you may find yourself wondering whether your age will be an obstacle to having dental implants placed; your dentist is here to address this concern.


What Should I Do If I Have a Dental Emergency on Vacation?

July 7, 2023

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Silver suitcase with hat on atop and yellow suitcase side by side at airplane gate window with plane flying in background

Summer vacation means relaxation and time off. Whether you’re going abroad or traveling within the country, you’re probably not thinking about potential dental trouble on your trip. It can be helpful to research and plan ahead in case something unexpected happens. Here are some tips to handle a dental emergency on vacation.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Veneers?

June 5, 2023

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Close up of woman’s teeth with veneersIf you’re ready to invest in a picture-perfect smile without needing extensive dental work, porcelain veneers may be the solution for you. In just 2 appointments, you can have the smile of your dreams using a minimally invasive procedure. Veneers are designed to provide long-lasting results that look natural. However, various factors affect their lifespan. Here’s how to ensure you get the most from your investment.


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