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Most of us won't say no to a good cup of coffee or glass of red wine, but over time, those indulgences (some might even say necessities!) stain your teeth, not to mention wear down your tooth enamel. Cigarette or chewing tobacco usage can color your teeth, and even some medications or medical conditions can cause staining. A stained, yellowing smile can appear older and unattractive, whereas a bright, whitened smile is youthful, friendly, and healthy-looking. Which smile do you want the world to see?

There are many drugstore and options for teeth whitening in Costa Mesa, but none of them are as strong and long-lasting as the professional-strength products used by Dr. Jeremy Jorgenson and the top notch team at Advanced Dental Care. A regular dental deep cleaning is recommended before whitening procedures, to help remove surface stains and leave teeth ready to absorb the products. Advanced Dental Care proudly offers these state-of-the-art tooth whitening procedures:

Epic Laser Teeth Whitening

Kör Teeth Whitening

The results of these teeth whitening products are easily maintained with proper dental hygiene, dental exams, and by avoiding teeth-staining foods such as coffee, cola, and red wine. We know you’ll be impressed by the results and be more confident with your appearance. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment to reveal your rejuvenated whiter, brighter smile!

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