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Orthodontic Dentistry in Costa Mesa, CA

A straight smile can make a significant difference in your personal and professional life. With crooked or oddly spaced teeth, bacteria and food have more places to hide, leading to an increased risk of decay and gum disease. But at Advanced Dental Care, Dr. Jorgenson offers a variety of orthodontic services to help patients create straighter, healthier smiles.

Orthodontic Dental Services:

Invisalign In Costa Mesa

This popular braces system doesn’t use metal brackets or wires the way traditional braces do. Instead, it uses a series of clear aligner trays to move teeth into their ideal position. The trays are removable, so you can still eat what you like as you go through treatment. Taken together, orthodontic care with Invisalign is more convenient and discreet than care with traditional braces. Learn more about Invisalign services offered by Advanced Dental Care.

Night Guards

A nightguard is a special appliance used to help patients who struggle with teeth grinding, especially nighttime teeth grinding. Your custom-made nightguard will prevent your teeth from grinding and clenching while you sleep, preserving the health of your teeth and reducing your uncomfortable symptoms. The symptoms of teeth grinding include frequent headaches as well as pain in your head, neck, and shoulders.

TMJ/TMD Therapy In Costa Mesa, CA

If you struggle with the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, a special orthodontic appliance will help you correct the alignment issues causing your symptoms. During a consultation, Dr. Jorgenson will assess your situation and begin working with you on a plan to restore your good health and well-being.

If you’re looking for gentle and compassionate care for your entire family, call our Dentist office in Costa Mesa to reserve an appointment with Dr. Jorgenson. We are happy to serve patients from Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and beyond.