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Tooth Sensitivity – Dr. Jorgenson explains it all!

August 25, 2016

Costa Mesa Dentist Talks Tooth Sensitivity

What causes tooth sensitivity?

Do you experience an occasional zing throughout the day?  Sensitivity to hot and cold?  Or constant dull, achy pain?  These are all signs you are suffering from tooth sensitivity.  Tooth sensitivity can be very unpleasant and also be a sign of a more serious dental condition.  If you’re experiencing tooth pain, Orange County Dentist Dr. Jeremy Jorgenson can help!

Tooth Sensitivity causing Dental Pain

Tooth Sensitivity causing Dental Pain

Tooth sensitivity can come in many forms and from many causes.  You can simply be sipping in air, taking a bit of your lunch, or trying to concentrate at work and you notice that something doesn’t feel right.  Tooth sensitivity, also called dentin hypersensitivity, can occur when the outer layers of the tooth, the enamel and cementum, become thin and expose the dentin layer underneath.  When dentin is exposed, the tooth root and nerve are closer to the surface and more likely to become irritated.

You may experience tooth sensitivity from:

  • Grinding your teeth (Bruxism)
  • Brushing your teeth too hard
  • Wearing away the enamel with acidic food and drinks
  • Gum recession and exposing more of the tooth than would normally be exposed
  • Periodontal disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Weakened or loose fillings
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Sensitivity after dental treatments

If you’re experiencing any of these conditions, don’t hesitate to have Dr. Jeremy Jorgenson take a look!  Determining the cause of your sensitivity can save you from urgent, painful emergency dental visits later.  Our dental office is conveniently located in Costa Mesa near the 405 freeway, 73 freeway, and 55 freeway.  We offer early morning dental appointments, late night dental appointments, weekend dental appointments, and emergency dental appointments.  Our goal is to always be here when you need us most!

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